Besides creating image in retail market, our company is Recognized House for providing Technical know how and services to the State Cooperative Sector in the State of Punjab and Himachal for manufacturing and packaging Indigenous Sweets on the occasions of various festivals. These sweets are marketed in the Rural market as well as in Urban market of respective state.

Manufacturing Facilities

The company has its main plant in a sprawling factory at Plot No. 315, Industrial Area, Phase-1, Chandigarh. This plant is equipped with the state-of-technology including Equipments, Vessels and Storage containers etc. are made of Food Grade Stainless Steel. The unit is equipped with the fully Automatic Machines to make Rasgulla/ Gulab Jamun and Traditional Ladoo. To control the Environment Pollution processing is done with the help of heat energy generated by Thermi fluid Boiler. Besides the above company has Manufacturing Units as per detail given below:-

1. Plot No. 182/46, Industrial Area, Phase-1 Chandigarh
2. Plot No. 255, Industrial Area, Phase-1 Chandigarh.
3. Plot No. 257, Industrial Area, Phase-1, Chandigarh.